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They would make shapes and buildings, and run around the house finding objects the magnetic balls would stick to.

But two weeks after the trio brought the beads home, Bree's youngest son Franklin began feeling unwell.

On Monday March 21, the toddler woke Bree and her husband Scott at 2am, complaining of a sore stomach.

His condition deteriorated quickly and he began vomiting every 15 to 30 minutes

"It was just liquid, no food or anything," Bree says.

"Gastro was going around so I thought that must be it."

The mum stayed up all night with her boy and in the morning made the first appointment to see the doctor.

The GP confirmed Bree's initial thoughts - gastro.

More than 'just gastro'

But Franklin's condition didn't improve for three days, and he was in and out of hospital as doctors continued to investigate the cause of his pain.

Ultrasounds and scans kept coming back clear, leaving medical staff and Bree scratching their heads for an answer.
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