Victim Sued for Telling His Experiences

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Malaysian was misled to Cambodia in April 2022 through a JobStreet job ad, complete with interviews and assurances of government certification

He was trapped inside Victory Paradise Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia with thousands of others to run online scams

He was caught recording evidence and asking for outside help, and so was punished by starvation, isolation, humiliation and being forced to act while being recorded

After escaping back to Malaysia he shared his experiences in social media --and in a popular talk show in June 2022

He immediately got a phone call from a "mediator" from a Malaysian political party telling him to publicly retract, followed by a lawsuit from the HR company.

He got support from Members of Parliament and distinguished public figures in a press release

But the lawsuit is still proceeding --and is likely to succeed in getting him impoverished and further in debt.

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