Fund Categories


You can help yourself, relatives and friends or anyone that needs help for their education. Even agencies like Parents Associations, Schools or kindergarden can use this platform to manage their fundraising.

Islamic Institution

Any authorized muslim institutions can use this platform for fundraising. Zakat Agencies, Waqf Institution, Bait-ul-Mal, Islamic Councils even mosques are welcome to utilize our system. Please contact us at for custom arrangement. 

Marriage and Family matters

Are you getting married soon? You can raise your fund to make your wedding more lively. Maybe your relatives and BFF could not come for your wedding but still can contribute as remembrance. Even you can raise your fund for honeymoon!


You, family members, friends or neighboor may be in needs for recovery expenses. It is not 'operation' matters, but includes medicines, treatment for recovery, logistics cost and even daycare expenses. Raise your fund and spread the news, it can reduce your concern.

Natural Disaster

Every day, lot of tragedy and natural disaster happened in our lovely nation. Lets help yourself, friends and relatives if they are in need!


Your non-profit organization always in need of financial help to move your organization achiving its objective. Raise your fund effectively now! Separate the campign and share as much as possible.